The Big Guy’s Guide to Bicycle Riding

Cycling is a fun activity that people of all ages, genders, and sizes can try. It is a cleaner way of commuting to the store, work, or visiting a friend. Bicycle riding can also help you lose weight and stay healthy. In fact, there are so many benefits to cycling. However, as a tall or heavy person, there are some things that you should know before you start cycling. They include choosing the right bike, wearing the right clothes, working up a good endurance, and how to enjoy cycling. Below is more on the big guy’s guide to bicycle riding:

1)    Choose a Suitable Bike

Not all manufacturers consider weight when designing bikes for sale. Many bikes on the market are for cyclist under 225 lbs. You can still find a bicycle for heavy riders that are strong enough to carry up to 550lbs. The best bikes for big guys should have a sturdy frame, fuller wheel size and extra spokes, wide comfortable seats and reliable emergency brakes. A rigid bike frame will support your body weight without breaking. Most durable and sturdy bikes frames are from metals like steel, iron, and aluminum. Also, the structure should be lightweight and flexible for easy and comfortable riding. The wheels should be broad with a high thread count to prevent flattening after a short ride.

Moreover, the wheels should have about 24 spokes for extra support. Make sure the bike has extra strong emergency brakes and wide, stable and comfortable seats for a safe and smooth ride. So, when shopping for your bike, look out for these features to get a bike that is suitable for your weight and comfortable to ride.

2)    Get the Right Cycling Gear

After finding a suitable bike, you also need to have the right cycling clothes for comfortable riding and safety. Wearing the right clothes helps to reduce chafing and protects the sensitive body parts from vibration. There are cycling clothes, that is, padded jersey shorts custom made for comfortable bicycle riding. However, if you can find ones that fit, you can donate your regular athletic wear. However, if you will be cycling for long, padded shorts are a better option. Do not forget to wear a helmet and comfortable shoes.

3)    Make Bicycle Riding a Habit

Some big guys abandon cycling because of the stress they underwent the first time. Your first ride will be hard since your body has not yet adjusted to this activity. You will feel sore, but with continuous cycling, your body will adapt. It is ideal to start with short rides daily until your body gets used to it. When you feel like giving up, keep motivating yourself, and eventually, riding will no longer be a struggle.

4)    Enjoy Your Ride

As a heavy cyclist, you might face lots of judgment from people. Make sure you ride confidently and ignore the mean comments. You are there to have fun and stay healthy, so let nobody spoil your day. You can join a cycling group in your community or ride with your friend to stay motivated.