The Life of Timothy Sykes

Some people dream big and others make that dream a reality. Timothy Sykes definitely belongs to the second group.

Born in Orange, Connecticut, Sykes enjoys his life as most would like: he earns a fortune and is not enslaved to the office. He dedicates only a few hours a day to his work while traveling throughout the world to the most incredible and luxurious destinations.

How he does it? Sykes is a very cunning trader who discovered an infallible formula to make a lot of money with the purchase and sale of shares, specifically with the so-called penny stocks.

This market involves little-known companies whose shares are priced at very low prices (in cents), but if you know the “secrets” of this business you can earn many millions, as does Sykes.

Currently, this successful entrepreneur continues to invest in shares, although he dedicates most of his time to his program, which turns people into cunning traders.

The best-known fact in its history is that it converted the $ 12,415 (€ 11,000) it received as a gift for its Bar Mitzvah into $ 4 million (€ 3.5 million) thanks to its expertise with penny shares. Tim definitely knows what he does. That’s how it all started.

Trader from a young age

In 1999 Sykes was in the last year of high school when he received the gift from his Bar Mitzvah. At the moment when his parents learned that he would invest that money in buying shares, they presumed that he would lose everything in a few days, but they did not prevent it so that it would serve as a life lesson.

“At first the account did not grow when I invested in the actions of large companies, so I decided to bet on penny stocks, which everyone hates. When I finished high school my account had grown from $ 12,415 to $ 100,000 (€ 89,200),” Sykes told Next Shark.

When he was in the first year of college, Sykes had multiplied his money to the enormous sum of $ 700,000 (€ 624,500). And at age 21 he made his first million dollars while on vacation with his family on a cruise.

“I studied the stock market from day one. I even had to get away from my friends, since in the day I studied the behavior of the actions and at night I went to university,” says Sykes, who over the years saw all the effort and sacrifice rewarded.

But in addition to earning mountains of money in the bag, Sykes also loves to transmit his knowledge of trader to his students (as he calls them) so that they also become billionaires and see their dreams come true.

By teaching, Sykes also grows your bank account. In fact, he earns more money with his training program than with penny auctions.

“I am proud of the fact that I earn more for teaching because that reflects my priorities very well. If my subscribers lose money, they leave. That’s why I always help them earn a lot of money,” says Sykes, who due to his remarkable success has appeared in mass media such as Fox News and CNBC.

The main purpose of Sykes was never to become a blogger. The portal to promote his book entitled ” An American Hedge Fund” began.

“The blog worked great to advertise the book. I loved the feedback that I got from people,” says Sykes, who until last year had a team of 30 people working for his company, including his parents.

Very complete program

The Sykes program to become a successful trader – which for now is only available in English – is quite complete. Currently, more than 100,000 people are subscribed to, and receive the induction through videos, weekly newsletters, emails, and webinars. They are the tools that Sykes uses to convey all his wisdom.

And it is not a misleading offer. It is a proven method. On its website, there is a “Testimonials” section where several of the Sykes students thank their teacher for helping them achieve economic independence they always dreamed of and talk about how much life has changed them thanks to the income from the purchase and sale of penny shares.

In the testimonial videos, most of Sykes’ pupils appear on paradisiacal beaches or next to the new sports car they drive, to confirm their current prosperity.

One of his most advanced and grateful students is Chad VanDyke, who spent many years investing in the stock market without obtaining substantial results until he met Sykes.

“At first I was very skeptical, but I decided to give it a try and signed up for the TimAlerts service. Tim gives real-time alerts of his operations on the stock market so you can learn. I learned a lot from the emails and videos. Tim offers many streaming DVDs in which he teaches all the details of his strategy,” says Chad, who warns that at first the price of DVDs may seem costly, but it is an investment that you will recover safely when you learn how the market works of penny stocks.

You can learn by making mistakes, or with the teachings of a tutor that guarantees success if you follow their rules. You quickly realize that Tim wants to help you make money.

He is a great motivator and teacher. In the two years that I have been with Tim, I have made much more money than in the previous 10 years.

I have done this part-time while maintaining a full-time job in the health sector, ”says Chad, who recommends all aspiring traders who purchase Tim’s 11-hour DVD.

Sykes strategy

It is obvious that we will not know all the secrets of Sykes until we are one of his students. However, this penny stock guru shared some clues about how the Next Shark site works. “Each market is different and has its own characteristics.

I am always very cautious when market values ​​are falling. There are ‘pump and dumps’ (rebounds and falls), where the owners of an action inflate prices with false claims, which then fall when they have already increased their value.

I like to bet against those actions. Have you seen ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’? That still happens! But I am grateful to the wolves because they open opportunities. Although they are scams and manipulations, you can’t do anything to fight them. What I try is to teach people to bet against these scams,” says Sykes.

A dream life

Sykes has the money and the time to do whatever he wants in this life. As a good millionaire, he has fancies of luxury. He loves supercars, flying in the best places on the plane, eating in trendy restaurants and traveling… especially traveling around the world.

They call him “The Wolf of Instagram” because, like Jordan Belfort, he can afford an opulent life with his earnings on the stock exchange, and makes it clear in his account on the social network.

This is the incredible lifestyle of Tim Sykes, the penny stock guru.

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