Could We Witness a Day When AI Rules the Poker Landscape?

Poker is without a doubt one of the most popular sports on the planet. Not only does it attract millions of fans from across all walks of life, but even professionals associated with different talents often choose to become involved with such intense competitions. Although the online casino offers countless games and lucrative rewards, its professional bloggers also highlight how well-known personalities such as Shane Warne have taken a foray into the poker community only to experience a fair amount of losses against well-seasoned experts.

This brings us to a rather interesting question. If those with little prior experience fare poorly against seasoned veterans, how will artificial intelligence (AI) impact gameplay in the future (particularly when referring to online competitions)? The answers found immediately below may come as a bit of a surprise.

Just How Powerful Has Artificial Intelligence Become?

This is a question with no viable answer, as AI is evolving on a daily basis At one time, it was considered to be nothing more than the dreams of science fiction fans. Artificial intelligence is now playing an important role in our daily lives (although we are normally not aware of its presence). From predictive text when we perform an online search to presenting us with offers based upon our previous browsing habits, AI is here to stay.

However, one of the most recent advancements involves how artificial intelligence can literally outplay experts within certain genres (chess is a perfect example). We are now beginning to see AI replicating human responses. Of course, this is entirely relevant within the world of virtual poker in the event that players are competing against what can only be called an advanced computer algorithm. The main concern is how fast this technology may evolve in the coming years.

Where Might We be Headed?

To be fair, there are many benefits associated with playing against an AI opponent; particularly in regards to the experience that can be gained. Many poker players are still wondering if the day may come when their skills are outmatched by nothing more than a fancy algorithm. While this might initially appear to be nothing more than s mere musing, the future is not set in stone. We need to keep in mind that computing power is now advancing at a breakneck pace. This is why it is very difficult to accurately predict what may (or may not) occur in the coming years. It is still impossible to deny that artificial intelligence is set to transform the entire virtual gaming landscape.

This is arguably why many online casinos are preferring to employ live dealers in order to provide a sense of organic familiarity. Still, players can definitely expect to witness changes in the coming years. Whether or not these “upgrades” are entirely beneficial is yet to be seen. The main takeaway point is that artificial intelligence is here to stay. No one knows what might eventually come to pass in the next decade. Either way, it will be interesting!