‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ catches Terrell Owens for guest appearance

Perhaps you saw Terrell Owens making an appearance at Steven Jackson’s art show on the premiere episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks and, like Jackson, wondered what the former NFL star receiver is up to these days.

Well, it looks like he’s still doing some football, but with Terry Crews and the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast.

Between Owens and Terry Crews, that is some serious beef. Maybe the two will have a flex-off, in addition to playing some football.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Owens will portray himself, playing for the FDNY in the annual cops vs. fireman football game. Maybe he’ll have been recruited to play by Patton Oswalt’s Fire Marshall Boone, hoping to trounce the Nine-Nine on the gridiron. I’m kind of hoping Owens lays Andy Samberg’s Jake Peralta out, but that might not really be T.O.’s move.

As a Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan, I’m hoping there’s some nice cross-promotion from Fox here, getting some NFL viewers to tune into the second-season (and Golden Globe-winning) comedy.

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