Chuck Palahniuk announces ‘Fight Club 2’ comic book

The ending of Fight Club didn’t seem to leave much room for a sequel. At least in the movie version. If you read Chuck Palahniuk’s original novel, its ending arguably left a bit more room for future storytelling.

Nearly 20 years after Fight Club was published (and David Fincher’s movie hit theaters), the author has announced a sequel. But this story will be told in comic book form. It picks up 10 years after the novel’s ending with the narrator (calling himself “Sebastian”) married to Marla Singer. The two have a nine-year-old son, Junior. As Palahniuk told USA Today, the story will also go into the past to explain Tyler Durden’s origin.

Dark Horse Comics

The 10-issue series will be published by Dark Horse Comics, written by Palahniuk and illustrated by Cameron Stewart. Stewart is probably best known for his work DC Comics’ Batman and Robin in 2010. He’ll be writing Batgirl later this year. David Mack — famous for his creator-owned series Kabuki and his work on Marvel Comics’ Daredevil — will draw the covers.

Comic Book Resources has an interview with Stewart, along with a teaser image depicting a wedding photo of the narrator and Singer, in which he explains how he came up with the look for each character and his working relationship with Palahniuk on this series.

Fight Club 2 is expected to be released in April 2015.

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