‘Modern Family’ shot upcoming episode entirely with iPhones and iPads

Long-time fans of Modern Family know that Phil Dunphy is a big fan of Apple products. In the show’s first season, an episode titled “Game Changer” was essentially a commercial for the new iPad, largely devoted to Phil wanting Apple’s newest, coolest gadget for his birthday.

But Modern Family‘s love affair with Apple products and services hasn’t ended, judging from an upcoming show. Next week (Feb. 28), an episode titled “Connection Lost” will take place entirely from the screen of Claire Dunphy’s laptop while she’s waiting at an airport.

As explained by The Verge, Claire has an argument with her daughter, Haley, and spends the episode talking to the rest of the family and trying to track Haley down with Apple services like FaceTime and iMessage. A familiar Modern Family storytelling gag shows a character saying one thing while a flashback reveals reality unfolded a different way. In this setting, features like Facebook pages and photos present different versions of events from what characters remember or explain.

The concept sounds creative and fun, but also like a gimmick that could quickly wear out its usefulness. However, reviews of the episode by The Verge and Re/code are positive, especially regarding the work involved in re-creating something that works on a computer monitor or laptop but has to look good on your big screen television.

You surely already know, but Modern Family broadcasts at 9 p.m. ET Wednesdays on ABC.

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