Is TBS speeding up ‘Seinfeld’ reruns for more commercials?

Is TBS actually providing less Seinfeld for the money? Or rather, is the network making its syndicated reruns of the show faster to make more money?

That’s what a dedicated fan posted on Reddit, demonstrating video evidence that TBS is speeding up its broadcasts of Seinfeld reruns to allow more room for commercials. Here’s the proof, in which he compares a recent telecast to a previous digital recording of the same episode.

According to his test, the current TBS version runs 7.5 percent faster, which creates an additional two minutes of ad time to each 30-minute broadcast. Have any of you actually noticed something being off while watching Seinfeld reruns on TBS? If not, maybe this isn’t a big deal. (Although now that you know the truth, will you be able to ignore it?)

Perhaps you were already past the point of annoyance over how cable networks plaster ads on the screen during shows, fast-forward through credits, or play the introduction of subsequent programs before the current telecast is even finished?


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