Matt Holliday vs. Mothra!

MothraAs if the Cardinals’ August collapse hasn’t been bad enough, now the insects are turning on the Cards too.

While most of the baseball world was busy going ga-ga over Ben Revere’s impression of a spider climbing the outfield wall, Matt Holliday was busy being attacked by… a moth.

According to a team spokesman, the first tactic was to take Holliday into a dark room, in hopes the moth would seek light and fly out. However, the insect had gone in headfirst and was unable to turn around. Thus, tweezers had to be used to remove it.

I really wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall (pun intended) as Holliday tried to explain to Tony LaRussa that he had to come out of the game because he had a bug burrowing into his ear canal.  He probably would’ve gotten a kinder reaction from LaRussa by telling him that he has begun taking hitting advice from his father or making jokes about shingles.

Anyway, tt turns out that Holliday is going to be just fine, which is actually kind of a shame because I would have loved to see the following entry on the St. Louis disabled list: Matt Holliday, day-to-day (attacked by ear-burrowing moth).  Or to hear the St. Louis Cardinal announcers say that Holliday is out tonight “with a moth.”  So much comedic potential gone to waste.

Garrett Wilson

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