Child runs onto field during White Sox-Orioles game

I had just stopped watching the White Sox/Orioles game when I noticed this tweet pop up on one of my columns on Tweetdeck:

Yes, that sounded bizarre enough for me to tune back in and go back to see. Even better was White Sox left field Dayana Viciedo grabbing the child and turning him over to security:

Oreos? Timeout? I don’t know about that, but I’m genuinely curious about the aftermath here. Does this kid get banned from future games similar to the man-children who run onto the field? If so, what if he grows up to be a Major Leaguer? Will he not be allowed to play at U.S. Cellular? Do the parents of this lost child meet repercussions? Does he even have parents? Is he an orphan? Will Dayan Viciedo adopt him? What if the White Sox came back to win? Does he become the rally scoundrel? I have so many unanswered questions.