Supermodel Kate Upton in 2K12 commercial

Here’s Kate Upton, supermodel and SI swimsuit issue covergirl. And here she is…shilling MLB 2K12 (due out on March 6, 2012), along with Jay Bruce, CJ Wilson, Justin Verlander, and David Price. In typical Upton fashion, she’s doing sexy things while teaching the players how to play the game a little bit. That could actually get me back into playing baseball video games, as I’m very deprived as an XBox360 owner.

The video is an ad for the game as well as being a promotion for the “Perfect Game Challenge” that 2K does every year, where the first player to throw a perfect game (with that day’s given pitcher, on the hardest difficulty level of the game) wins $1 million from 2K Sports. Last year’s winner of the Challenge used Roy Halladay of the Phillies to get his victory, while the debut season’s winner in 2010 used…Kenshin Kawakami of the Braves, which should have resulted in his winnings being doubled. 

But anyway, I’d be down for more ads showing me how to play the game as long as Upton was involved. Maybe I’d actually buy the game, too.

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