The Miami Marlins and Reality TV, A Match Made in Heaven

Some consider reality TV to be the lowest form of entertainment on earth (after the “comedy” Whitney, that is).  Some of us absolutely eat that stuff up.  Whatever camp you fall into, I think we can all agree that watching a reality TV series featuring the Miami Marlins is an absolute must-see.  Lucky for all of us, such a series appears to be on its way.  From Variety,

Showtime and Major League Baseball are believed to be close to a deal that would make the Miami Marlins the featured team in the second season of docuseries “The Franchise.”

“The Franchise” embeds cameras with its focus team over a period of months to gain on- and off-field insight.

Um, yes, please!

Admittedly, I did not watch the first season of “The Franchise” but I won’t be missing this season, assuming the Marlins make it official.  Really, Hollywood execs couldn’t cast a better reality show if they tried.

The star will no doubt be Ozzie Guillen.  He’s the new BMOC looking to make his mark on the franchise and will be doing so with his typical brash opinions and colorful language.  Added bonus, it’s on Showtime, so no bleeping.  Hooray for profane tirades!

Just below him in the billing will be everyone’s favorite MLB Twitter addict, Logan Morrison.  If the Marlins thought they had a hard time shutting him up online, just wait until they stick a camera in front of his face.  I already can’t wait for the episode where he has to try and explain this picture to his new manager.

Add in new big-money signings Jose Reyes, Heath Bell and Mark Buehrle and you figure to have a lot of big personalities looking to soak up the spotlight.  One can only hope that the producers of the show have the common sense to cast a villain for the piece, which should be pretty easy since Jeffrey Loria still owns the team.

There is only one slight problem: the uniforms.  I just don’t know if I can stare at those things for an hour per week.  Yikes, I just realized that Marlins fans have to stare at them three hours per day.  My condolences.

Garrett Wilson

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