TOC’s staff picks the playoffs

The MLB playoffs start in…oh, about six and a half hours or so from the moment I publish this piece. Of course, I went to our staff to get predictions for both wild card games, both league champions, the World Series champion, and the World Series MVP. Without any further ado, here we go.

  Joe Lucia Garrett Wilson Pat Lackey Charlie Saponara
NL Wild Card Braves Braves Braves Braves
AL Wild Card Rangers Rangers Rangers Rangers
NL Champion Braves Reds Reds Nationals
AL Champion A's A's A's Yankees
World Champion Braves Reds Reds Yankees
World Series MVP Jason Heyward Jay Bruce Joey Votto Robinson Cano
  Scott Allen Matt Lindner Tim Livingston Brian
NL Wild Card Braves Braves Cardinals Braves
AL Wild Card Rangers Orioles Orioles Orioles
NL Champion Giants Reds Nationals Nationals
AL Champion A's A's A's Tigers
World Champion A's A's A's Tigers
World Series MVP Yoenis Cespedes Josh Reddick Josh Reddick Miguel Cabrera

The most common pick to win the World Series? The A's, with three of our eight writers picking them to go all the way. The Reds got two votes, while the Braves, Tigers, and Yankees all picked up one. Six of us had the A's winning the AL pennant, while the two stragglers went with the Yankees and Tigers. In the National League, four of the five qualified teams have been picked to win the pennant, with three picks for the Reds, three for the Nationals, and one each for the Giants and Braves. As for the wild card games, seven of eight have picked the Braves to beat the Cardinals tonight, while the Rangers only have a 5-3 advantage over the Orioles.

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