Trade Deadline Primer: NL West

Two more divisions to go, and they are both loaded with sellers…lovely.

Arizona Diamondbacks
39-41, third place, 5.5 games out of first place, five games out of wild card
After a rough first two months of the season, the Diamondbacks started to click in June, finishing with a 16-10 record that was one win away from being the best in the National League for the month. I'm not sure this Diamondbacks team really needs to make a ton of upgrades….they just need some guys to get kicked into gear. Justin Upton has struggled this season, and a strong second half from him will do a lot towards pushing this team towards contention. The team could use a new third baseman, because Ryan Roberts has fallen to earth with a huge thud this year after a breakout year last season. The Diamondbacks' rotation has been a little rough around the edges at times, but the Diamondbacks are promoting from within (Trevor Bauer and Pat Corbin have both gotten time in the majors, and Tyler Skaggs looks to be next). I really don't think Arizona is going to make a major move this month…if anything, they'll get a third baseman.

Colorado Rockies
31-49, fifth place, 13.5 games out of first place, 13 games out of wild card
Blow it up. Throw some C4 on this team and just blow it all up. Despite Dan O'Dowd's ridiculous claims that they're not going to be sellers, this team clearly needs to do it. All the veterans on this team need to be moved, even Mr Rockie Todd Helton. If someone wants a veteran upgrade at first, Helton would be a great option for them. Someone wants a power hitting outfielder that might be best suited to a platoon? Talk about Tyler Colvin. Maybe a veteran thumper for the bench? Check out this awesome Jason Giambi! Anyone want a veteran middle infielder? Marco Scutaro fits the bill. How about a veteran catcher that might be washed up? Ramon Hernandez is in stock, and priced to move! Even on the mound, where the Rockies have been so awful this year, they have a couple of interesting names, most notably solid veteran relievers Matt Belisle and Rafael Betancourt, and a starter that has gotten absolutely decimated at Coors Field in Jeremy Guthrie. The Rockies could realistically move a third of their roster thi month…and they really, really need to.

Los Angeles Dodgers
45-37, second place, 0.5 games out of first place, wild card leaders
Despite being in first place for a majority of the year, the Dodgers are a mess. They'll get a huge boost when Matt Kemp comes off of the DL after the All-Star Break, and hopefully Andre Ethier's oblique issue gets resolved pretty quickly. The Dodgers are putting slop out there at about five offensive positions, and need upgrades, pronto…they need upgrades so bad that Carlos Lee was looking like a good option before he turned down a deal to LA. The Dodgers could use hitters at both corner infield positions, because James Loney and the multi-headed monster at third base have been awful. They could also really use a shortstop, because Dee Gordon has been putrid at the position (despite what writers like Jon Heyman may say). The Dodgers don't need anything on the mound, as their veteran-laden rotation is holding up pretty well (aside from Ted LIlly) and pitching pretty solidly. Pretty much, this team is looking for offense, and lots of it.

San Diego Padres
32-50, fourth place, 13.5 games out of first place, 13 games out of wild card
The Padres have had a little run lately, but are still getting bushwhacked this year. They have some interesting trade chips, most notably the red hot Carlos Quentin (seven homers in just 29 games), catcher Nick Hundley (demoted to AAA and deemed expendable after Yasmani Grandal's promotion last week), and possibly even third baseman Chase Headley, one of the best at the position in baseball and the best potential third baseman on the market. On the mound, the Padres need to think young. They could deal closer Huston Street after refusing to trade Heath Bell last year. Starter Edinson Volquez could be moved as well, because he's not a building block for this team in the long run. The Padres don't have much to move, but they could get some value for what they do trade.

San Francisco Giants
45-36, first place
The first place Giants have been rolling along all season, and they might just need a tweak or two right now. San Francisco has been terrible in the middle infield, with Ryan Theriot, Emmanuel Burris, Brandon Crawford, and Joaquin Arias being wholly unimpressive for the team. The Giants pitching staff has been good all year, with a great rotation aside from Barry Zito (who really isn't going anywhere because of his contract). The bullpen has been good, but closer Santiago Casilla has actually been wholly unimpressive with homer-prone tendencies. With Sergio Romo in the pen though, I don't think the team is going to go bonkers for a closer.

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