Jon Niese’s wife will be wearing blue panties on Opening Day

To add something to the "this really isn't news, but it's a distraction at the very least" category, the wife of New York Mets Opening Day starter Jon Niese revealed in an interview with the New York Post that on Opening Day, and during all of Niese's starts in 2013, she plans on wearing her "lucky underwear", a set of Amazin blue panties. Seriously.

When Jon Niese pitches tomorrow on Opening Day against the San Diego Padres, his gorgeous new wife, Leah, will be wearing Amazin’ blue panties — just as she has faithfully done at every game pitched by the lefty love-of-her-life.

“I’m the superstitious one,” said Leah, 23. “I have lucky underwear — they’re Mets underwear.”

So, it's come to this for the Mets: on the weekend before Opening Day, the top story about the team in one of the city's most popular newspapers is about the attractive wife of the Opening Day starter and her choice in underwear.

To be fair, the story is essentially a roughly 350 word profile piece on Mrs Niese, but leads with the anecdote about her undergarments. And again, what's it say about the team when a player's wife is getting profiled the day before Opening Day? It might be a long year in New York at this rate.

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