50 Cent explains his terrible first pitch

Just how did 50 Cent throw that awful ceremonial first pitch before last week’s (May 27) Pirates-Mets game so damn badly?

Our culture needed an answer. Fortunately for us, the rapper provided an explanation during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) post on Reddit Tuesday afternoon promoting the release of his new album, “Animal Ambition,” and the new Starz show Power, for which 50 Cent is a producer and member of the cast. 

It took eight questions (covering a variety of topics such as his first big purchase, favorite TV show and accepting Bitcoin payments for the new album) but someone finally asked about that wayward first pitch that was almost certainly the worst ever thrown. And 50 Cent provided an answer almost as memorable as that terrible toss.

Screen Cap

Well, that is an explanation — albeit one that we’ll probably just have to take at his word. It’s certainly better than “the ball slipped because my hand was sweaty,” “I’m really right-handed” or “Boy howdy, I stink at baseball.”

Baseball players may eventually be indebted to 50 Cent, as they now have a new addition to the cliché handbook to offer the media when asked about a shoulder injury. As it’s arguably not safe for TV or print, this could be a new way for players to end a session with reporters quickly.

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