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The most exciting walk offs for the week ending June 29th

This week, we actually had an abundance of walk off wins…we’re in the golden age now, gang. Unfortunately, there weren’t exactly many game-winning homers getting blasted into the the sky, but we’ll have to make do for now.

June 23rd, White Sox vs Orioles

And of course, we start with that walk off homer – Chris Davis broke the heart of the White Sox with this blast off of Ronald Belisario…just hours after saying that he sucked.

June 24th, Yankees vs Blue Jays

Pretty much any other outcome would have been better for the Yankees here – Yangervis Solarte eating the bunt by Melky Cabrera, Solarte letting Adam Warren make the throw, Warren eating the bunt…but Solarte rushing the throw and allowing Jose Reyes to score? No bueno.

June 24th, Indians vs Diamondbacks

A walk off win in the 14th inning is one of more relief than joy…seriously, just listen to the exhaustion in Steve Berthiaume’s voice.

June 25th, White Sox vs Orioles

A walk off wild pitch? The White Sox can’t catch a break right now. Daniel Webb’s pitch wasn’t even close to being blocked by Tyler Flowers. But man, losing two walk offs in the span of three days to one team has got to suck.

June 26th, Marlins vs Phillies

I went with the Spanish commentary on this one for a nice change of pace. The same feeling of relief I mentioned earlier in that Indians-Diamondbacks game is also true here – at this point in your evening, you just want to be in bed.

June 27th, Mets vs Pirates

Now this is what I call a walk off – a bench player that has stepped into an unexpectedly crucial role for his team this season delivering once again. But hey, good for Josh Harrison – he’s having himself one hell of a season.

June 27th, Rockies vs Brewers

This season for the Brewers has been one that no one really expected, so what better way to earn a walk off win than the team’s biggest star not getting intentionally walked with first base open and smashing a single up the middle?

June 27th, Tigers vs Astros

This homer by Jason Castro barely cleared the wall in right field, but who cares? A win is a win is a win, and the Astros will take all the wins they can get.

June 29th, Angels vs Royals

This walk off shouldn’t have even happened, but some sloppy defense by the Angels made it possible. Props to the Royals for taking advantage, though.

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