Rumor Analysis: Ike Davis on the outs in NY?

It's not often you hear team sources divulging off-the-field information about a player. Well, leave it to the Mets to take care of that. Adam Ruben from passed along some interesting information regarding Mets' power hitting first baseman Ike Davis, suggesting that they would be more than willing to trade the slugger due to his unwillingness to […]

How the 2012 Orioles were built

The Orioles have the makings of one of the best rotations in the game, as well as the best position prospect. Unfortunately, the system lacks serious depth on the hitting side, and they are in a division that is brutally unforgiving of any weakness. -Kevin Goldstein, then of Baseball Prospectus, January 26, 2009 The Orioles have […]

Hope for the Hopeless: Chicago Cubs

In our Hope for the Hopeless series, we take a look at all of the teams in the league that finished under .500, and examine what their fans can be optimistic about after a disappointing 2012 season. When the Cubs reset their front office regime this past offseason, hope was seemingly restored on the north […]

Outside scouting dept.: Some hope for Houston?

The Astros started the 2012 season with almost no hope of playoff contention and, as Joe pointed out, they have taken steps to clean house in hopes of building a team capable of contending years down the road in the AL West. In order for that plan to work, they will need a strong group of […]

Bang for the buck: Offseason signings that paid off big-time

We’re about one month away from the post season and the advent of the second wild card has more cities across America intensely rooting on their teams than ever before. While our hearts and minds are focused on the current playoff push, it’s also a good time to remind ourselves that the current success of […]

The Unnatural: foul ball breaks light, causes power outage

Visalia, CA — Remember the scene from the movie "The Natural" when Roy Hobbs hits a home run so high and far that it hits a bank of lights, causing the to burst into a brilliant shower of falling embers? Well, what happened in Visalia California on Thursday night echoed that scene, only in a […]

MLB teams create spin campaign after hackers infiltrate social media outlets

Earlier today, Deadspin did a terrific job of breaking the MLB Facebook & Twitter hacker scandal that rocked the nation. However, we here at The Outside Corner are about to bring you some unprecedented behind-the-scenes access into the minds of the social media campaign managers of the teams that were hacked. We can neither confirm […]

Looking back at the 2011 trade deadline

The 2012 trade deadline has come and gone and the flurry of action this month has been astounding. The advent of an extra wild card and the falling of formerly competitive teams turned into unprecedented buying and selling of numerous star-level players. However, not all trades are created equal. Sometimes these deals work out for […]

Prospect corner: first half observations from the Cal League

For the past three-plus months, I’ve been able to see a lot of California League action. Now, at the halfway point in the season, there is a good enough sample size to begin to match the stats with the observations that I have been noting along the way. Here are some quick notes on some […]

Surprise teams of the first half: New York Mets

After an offseason of despair in which there was seemingly no money to spend on big name free agents, expectations were not high for the team from Queens. However, a resurgent season from David Wright, the comeback of Johan Santana and the utter dominance of R.A. Dickey have all contributed to a strong start for […]

Surprise teams of the first half: Los Angeles Dodgers

With the All-Star game right around the corner, we’re almost to the unofficial halfway point of the baseball season. As with any given year, the first half of baseball has given us plenty of thrilling moments, introduced us to some exciting young players, and produced some incredible storylines. The Los Angeles Dodgers are one of […]

Baseball’s top prospects developing on and off the field

It’s so very easy to get lost in the numbers and endless online analysis. It’s easy to forget that the minor leagues are about more than just production, they’re also about development on and off the field. While players don’t face nearly as much media scrutiny at the minor league level as they do in […]

Baseball according to Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton is playing out of his mind. The crazy thing is, what he’s doing has nothing to do with luck; he’s just that good. His talent level is so far above most major leaguers that it’s borderline absurd. This is what I imagine the game of baseball looks like through Josh Hamilton’s eyes right […]

The Avengers of Major League Baseball

There’s this new movie – maybe you’ve heard of it – called The Avengers. It’s supposed to be pretty epic, but I’ll leave that discussion for other places. Here, it’s all baseball, so we’re not going to look at the movie, cartoon, or comic book versions of the Avengers, but rather who their baseball counterparts […]