Can Megatron avoid the Madden curse?

Breath easy Panthers fans, Cam Newton will not be on the cover this year’s Madden.

The same cannot be said for Lions fans and Calvin Johnson fantasy football dynasty owners. The infamous Madden cover curse has hit Megatron this year. While it is hard to believe that Calvin won’t dominate cornerbacks like he did all last year, there is NO beating the Madden curse.

Whether it was Eddie George, Culpepper, Faulk, Lewis, Alexander, Vick or last year’s cover Peyton Hillis, year after year elite and all-star players have suffered at the hands of the Madden curse.

Fantasy football owners here is the ultimate word of caution, hold back from drafting Megatron, at least until the 2nd round.

While Calvin didn’t ease through the tournament like Cam Newton, it was Calvin who took down Newton in the finals. Calvin is only the 2nd WR to be on the Madden cover.

For Lions fans who still have hope, read this tweet:

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