Dolphins to be featured on ‘Hard Knocks’

Following months of speculation, it appears that HBO has finally found a team to follow around during training camp this summer. The Miami Dolphins announced that they would be hosting HBO’s wildly popular series, Hard Knocks. New episodes begin airing on Tuesday, August 7th.

HBO has been shot down over the past few months by notable team after notable team. The only team that had been willing to publicly say it would love to host the show was the Jacksonville Jaguars, currently ranked as the least popular team in the NFL. To say the least, they weren’t exactly HBO’s first choice.

The series will be headlined by a three-way quarterback battle between Matt Moore, former Jaguars starting quarterback David Garrard, and the Dolphins’ 2012 first round pick Ryan Tannehill.

I think it’s safe to assume that the show won’t return to the level of popularity it reached two years ago as it followed around foul-mouthed Jets head coach Rex Ryan and the rest of his very talkative team. Still, the show promises to be very popular among NFL diehards, and it’s difficult to pass up such a revealing look at an NFL training camp, regardless of which team is being featured.

With expectations as high as they’ve been in years in South Beach, maybe the Dolphins aren’t such a bad choice to feature on Hard Knocks. With new quarterbacks, new coaches, and a GM working for his job, the show has a lot of potential in its new home.

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