The NFL’s Big 3s

With the Oklahoma City Thunder big 3 clinching a spot in the NBA finals last night, I realized how the NBA is down to 3 teams all with big threes.

The Boston Celtics (The Old Big 3) – While Rondo can’t be ignored from this roster, the Celtics were built around 3 players who all meshed together who are now one game from eliminating the Heat.

The Heat (The Big 3) – We all know how these guys formed in the most controversial forming of a team maybe in sports history.

The Thunder (The Young 3) – Despite James Harden looking 45, this youthful group is maybe the league’s best.

While obviously you can’t compare the makeup of an NBA squad, let’s have a little fun and see which NFL 3somes compare to these elite NBA teams.

The Old 3 – The Baltimore Ravens

Ed Reed – Ray Lewis – Terrell Suggs

This defense which has dominated for so many years is on its last hurrah, the fragile Ed Reed only has so much left in the tank and Ray Lewis has certainly been through his wars .The window is closing on of the best defenses of the generation. Like the Celtics the Ravens D has won a title but does Ed Reed and one of the best defensive players all time Ray Lewis have it in them to win one more.

The Big 3 (The Team Everyone loves to hate ) – The Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo – Jason Witten – DeMarcus Ware

Well the pressure on Romo isn’t quite as bad as it on Lebron James; there aren’t many players in the NFL that have the expectations that Tony Romo has. An underachiever in the playoffs the Cowboys are often considering one of the most talented teams in the league that just has not won the big game.

The Cowboys like the Heat are probably the team that garners the most media attention in the league but that also comes with the consequences of great expectations. Most people don’t believe either team is ready to win a title yet but we shall see if talent will prevail with these two stacked rosters.

The Young 3 – The Detroit Lions

Matt Stafford – Megatron – Ndamukong Suh

Everyone’s need favorite team. The Lions like the Thunder are very exciting and fun to watch, while the Lions need to mature just as the Thunder did, both teams have now become legit contenders in their respective leagues. Megatron like Durant has become a league wide favorite. While Durant has become the NBA’s most dominant scorer you can make the same argument for Megatron.

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