Aaron Hernandez jerseys hot item on eBay


Of all the news over the past couple of weeks relating to Aaron Hernandez, this has to be the quirkiest story I've come across. Apparently, there's a serious demand for Hernandez jerseys.

Pro Football Talk posted an article today, providing stories of people actually turning a profit by selling their Hernandez jerseys. So, being of curious mind, I decided to take a look.

My findings haven't been as surprising as was reported on Pro Football Talk. There are Hernandez jerseys being sold for $200 to $300, but those are generally jerseys with a Super Bowl patch, or Hernandez's autograph. Generally, regular jerseys are selling for $40 to $70.

The NFL and the Patriots have stopped selling Hernandez's jersey, which would drive up demand in normal circumstances. Aaron Hernandez, however, is not the most popular of players, and considering the recent allegations, it's nothing short of shocking to see such a market for his jerseys.

If you're the owner of one such jersey, and you'd like to part ways with it, now would be the time to sell. This type of market won't last long.

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