Alfonzo Dennard guilty of assault; faces prison time

Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard faces up to six years in prison after being found guilty of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest, this according to The Journal Star.

The verdict stems from charges of the assault of a 22-year-old man last April. Dennard had been found not guilty of assaulting the 22-year-old, but following the past week's trial, Dennard was found guilty on his other two charges.

The prosecution in the case contended that Dennard punched a police officer outside a Lincoln, Nebraska bar.

Dennard was a solid young player for the Patriots in 2012, starting seven games and intercepting three passes. He had the potential to be a full-time starter for the team next fall, but the possibility of prison time would completely derail that opportunity.

It's a certainty that Dennard's legal team will try everything in their power to keep him out of prison, but it doesn't exactly appear rosy for his NFL future. Ideally, for both the Patriots and obviously Dennard, the judge in the case will be very lenient, but considering that he's been convicted of punching an officer, the Patriots won't be keeping their fingers crossed.

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