As reported, the Dolphins need better pass protection

Preseason games don't tell us much about the teams playing outside of how deep a roster may be, but following last night's game, the Dolphins have a clear problem in pass protection.

The Dolphins have more weapons this season than a year ago, but that doesn't mean anything if you can't protect the quarterback, something the Dolphins struggled to do last night.

Obviously, backups giving up a pass rush is not a major cause for concern, but Dallas was able to get pressure with their front four using straight up rushes and a few stunts; nothing that should be stumping pro linemen.

We probably won't get an extended look at the first team offense until the third preseason game, making analysis at this point difficult, but in one-on-one battles, the Dolphins' offensive line struggled, giving some cause for concern.

Miami has a solid core group of players, but it all starts and ends with the big men, and that's where the Dolphins are struggling on offense. There's plenty of time for the Dolphins to fix their problems, and it's better for such problems to be exposed and addressed now rather than later.

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