Belichick puts the kibosh on Tebowmania

If anyone thought that the Patriots wouldn't be able to handle Tim Tebow and all the fanfare he brings with him, they clearly underestimated head coach Bill Belichick's dementor-like ability to suck all the happy-go-lucky feelings out of the room.

Case in point, in Belichick's first press conference since the news broke, he fielded countless questions about Tebow's role with the Patriots, and in his usual fashion, he answered every question while giving next to no information. Here's some quotes from the presser that sum it all up nicely, via Yahoo! Sports.

"He's talented, he's smart, he works hard," Belichick said.

"What do you like about Tim?" someone asked.

"He's talented, he's smart, he works hard," Belichick repeated.

"Does Tebow just need a few adjustments to succeed?"

"We'll see how it goes," Belichick replied.

"What interested you in Tim?"

"I like Tim, I have a lot of respect for Tim," Belichick responded.

With Tom Brady at quarterback, Tim Tebow won't be seeing the field at all unless Brady goes down with an injury, and even in that case, Ryan Mallett is in far better position to lead the Patriots. He's a better passer than Tebow, and he's been in the Patriots' system since being drafted.

Tebow fans will need to gear up for preseason action, because that's likely the only significant playing time he'll see all season.

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