Could undrafted Matt Scott be the Jaguars’ next starting quarterback?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have one of the worst quarterback situations in the NFL. Blaine Gabbert simply hasn’t developed as the team had hoped, and Chad Henne is a stop-gap player at best. At face value, the Jaguars are without a legitimate quarterback on their roster, and the season looks bleak before it’s even begun.

If we take a closer look, we may notice that the Jaguars have a third quarterback that may be an option, especially half way through the season with the first pick of the draft staring the team in the eye.

Undrafted rookie Matt Scott has emerged as a legitimate quarterback option in Jacksonville, partially because of his own body of work and partially because the Jaguars’ other options have proven themselves to be completely ineffective.

Scott will almost certainly enter the season as the second or third string option. Blaine Gabbert will likely get the nod because the Jaguars are hoping for a miraculous turnaround to his career, but at this point, and considering his most recent performance, that seems unlikely. Chad Henne is an okay option, but he’s not the long-term solution.

At the time when the Jaguars decide to move on from the Blaine Gabbert era, they may decide to bypass Chad Henne and give Scott the opportunity to prove his worth on the field.

Against the Dolphins, Scott’s statistics were anything but impressive. Still, he was the victim of dropped passes, and had no open receivers to throw to. Still, he was able to move effectively in the pocket to buy time, and he was able to fit balls into tight locations, giving his receivers an opportunity to make a play.

It’s early in the preseason, but keep an eye on Scott. In a year with a lack of young quarterback talent, Scott could be a hidden gem that the Jaguars stumbled upon.

Shane Clemons

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