JaMarcus Russell cancels pro day

JaMarcus Russell was supposed to be wooing potential employers with a pro day this week, but those plans have been canceled according to Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle. The pro day was supposed to be held on Wednesday.

Pro days are a generally overrated aspect of the draft process. Scouts generally prefer to base most of their judgement on the countless hours of game film available to them instead of relying on one afternoon session, but that's problematic in the case of JaMarcus Russell, a guy that has been trying this offseason to rehabilitate his image.

Russell will work out for teams individually. In any workout, you can expect that he'll display great armstrength, and hopefully, accuracy as well. Essentially, Russell is just trying to make it into training camp on someone's roster.

At just 27 years of age, I'm still optimistic about Russell's chances of making it back into the NFL in some capacity. If he continues to work hard, there will be a team that will at least give him a legitimate opportunity, especially considering the state of this year's quarterback crop.

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