Replacement ref who botches Fail Mary has written a book

This, ladies and gentlemen, is America, where anyone can become famous for being famous and rich as a result of that fame. It's also where infamy and fame often become blurred. And that's why it's hard to blame former NFL replacement official Lance Easley for attempting to profit from his 15 minutes of infamy from last fall. 

Easley is the dude who somehow, some way, determined that this was a touchdown:

That was the moment that defined the painful first month of the 2012 NFL season, when replacement officials were botching calls left and right. Now, Easley, who hasn't exactly been hibernating since that controversial finish, has published a book. Here's the summary from Amazon, where it's available for $10.49:

What if your life hinged on a decision you had to make in a split second? That s the compelling story of NFL referee Lance Easley. As a replacement referee during 2012's referee lockout, Easley thought he'd earned his dream job until he made a disputed call during a Monday night game viewed by more than 16 million people. Suddenly, Easley found himself the target of scorn, hatred, even death threats. Thankfully, his solid Christian faith helped see him through the controversy. In Making the Call: Living with Your Decisions, Easley along with bestselling cowriter Brock Thoene explains that life is about much more than making a single call. It's about deciding beforehand just how you ll live with the calls you make.

Not gonna lie, I'd actually be sort of interested in reading this. And I don't blame Easley for attempting to make something out of an ugly situation.

Brad Gagnon

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