Starting quarterbacks already losing their jobs

Just two weeks into the regular season and we're already seeing the result of a pass driven league. Quarterbacks that entered the league as starters are already dropping like flies.

The top stories of the week came from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Cleveland Browns. Apparently, the rift between Josh Freeman and head coach Greg Schiano may be deep enough to derail both men's NFL careers. Schiano's seat is beginning to heat up after an 0-2 start, and Josh Freeman looks like a quarterback that just wants out as he sits on the sidelines during games.

Brandon Weeden is in a similar situation, although his scenario is complicated by being involved with a new regime in Cleveland. In other words, the powers that be in Cleveland aren't committed to Weeden at all, and as recently as Friday, the Browns have been flaky when asked about Weeden's future with the team. Considering his age and production, it seems all but certain the Browns will be headed in a different direction in the near future.

Those situations just get us started. Mark Sanchez looks out in New York, and Blaine Gabbert is injured, leaving the door open for Chad Henne.

The NFL of today is driven by the passing game, and so long as that remains the case, quarterbacks will always be on a short leash with their teams. These four appear to be the current group of starters on their way out, but rest assured, there will be a new class of failures on the way. Quarterback drama is the way of the NFL, and it's here to stay.

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