Vince Young could still appear in the NFL this season

Every time I look at a list of free agents that could be picked up by the start of the season, Vince Young's name pops up, and every time I see it, I can't help but be surprised he's not on someone's roster.

In football, it's all about wins and losses, and the simple fact of the matter is that Vince Young wins games. Part of that can be attributed to his ability to extend plays with his legs. His arm has never been a problem either, meaning Young is truly a dual threat.

He last played in the NFL in 2011, when he was a backup for the Philadelphia Eagles. That fit made a lot of sense. With Michael Vick starting, the team wouldn't, theoretically, lose much by swapping Young into the lineup.

Still, it didn't pan out for Young, and last year, he was unable to secure a job with the Buffalo Bills, a franchise that has been having quarterback problems for two straight decades.

A large concern with Young is his general attitude and approach to the game. In Tennessee, Young imploded on more than one occasion, leaving the Titans with no one else to turn to but Kerry Collins. Collins was a solid fill in quarterback, but at that point, he was long past his prime, giving the Titans little advantages beyond experience.

The only time Young has even appeared on the radar screen this year was when he worked out for the Oakland Raiders. Chris Wesseling called the workout "impressive," but ultimately, the Raiders went another direction.

Despite the bleak outlook, there is hope for Young coming down the road. Every preseason, quarterbacks go down with various injuries, and it's very possible a team will come calling on Young. If he has his head in a good place, Young could still start for a lot of teams, but by the same token, he'd also make an excellent backup quarterback. It all comes down to Young. He's not the only quarterback looking for a job in the league, and he has a lot to prove before any team will take a risk on a disruptive player.

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