Can the Rams’ offense improve if Kenny Britt is the #1 receiver?

Do you remember Kenny Britt? He’s the former 1st round pick of the Tennessee Titans that never really lived up to the hype. He’s had three knee surgeries since 2011, including the worst season of his career in 2013 where he finished with just 11 receptions for 96 yards in 13 games (2 starts). Britt re-united with the coach that drafted him in the offseason, Jeff Fisher. As a member of the Rams, the big question at signing was whether he could even make the roster. That said, the Rams have a lot of recently drafted young receivers that have yet to show their full potential as Britt’s competition. In terms of experience, it’s clear Britt has an edge. And just like that, Britt is loosely proclaimed as the Rams’ #1 receiver going into training camp. Is this really a good thing for the Rams?

You can’t doubt Britt’s potential. But he’s also never lived up to that potential, he’s coming off the worst season of his career as a pro, and he’s got a significant injury history. Britt is also known as an emotional player on the field and off the field trouble always seems to find him. He’s had numerous issues and arrests in the past. Is it really a good sign if he’s turning heads in OTAs and standing out as the best receiver on the roster?  Mind you this is also all happening in the same offseason where Britt’s instagram account posted a sex video before quickly deleting it (warning, link has graphic material).

Sam Bradford is by all accounts getting his final chance show he can be the main man at quarterback for the Rams. The reason he keeps being given a chance is because many suggest the Rams have never really put the right weapons around him. The emergence of Zac Stacy, drafting of Tavon Austin, Tre Mason and the signing of Jared Cooks have been attempts in the last two years to boost the offensive production. Questions still surround the other receivers in Chris Given and Austin Pettis, though. And when you consider the defenses in their division even the infusion of these promising weapons doesn’t suggest the Rams are about to pour points on their biggest rivals. If Kenny Britt is truly the Rams’ #1 receiver come week 1, it will be difficult to expect Bradford to perform much better assuming he can stay healthy.

Unless Britt plans to show us something we’ve never seen before, after three knee injuries and multiple problems, huge questions still surround what Bradford has been armed to go to battle with.

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