Chiefs not visiting with Joeckel, Fisher

The Kansas City Chiefs my not officially be on the clock just yet, but with the first overall pick in the NFL draft, they have a full selection of potential stars that they can pick.

Many, if not most, expect the Chiefs to select Luke Joeckel to protect newly acquired quarterback Alex Smith. Still, the Chiefs have showed great interest in everybody but the top offensive tackles in the draft, Joeckel and Eric Fisher.

According to Albert Breer, the Chiefs have no plans of visiting with Joeckel or Fisher despite already taking a close look at quarterback Geno Smith.

A major part of draft season involves gamesmanship. The Chiefs are likely just trying to play up the value of a potential trade. With two offensive tackles that could be used as franchise pass protectors, it would make sense for the Chiefs to acquire an extra pick for trading down a few positions.

In all likelihood, it would be surprising if the Chiefs go through the first round later this month without drafting a tackle to protect Alex Smith, but stranger things have happened. For now, I'll chalk this bit of news as nothing more than pure gamesmanship.

Shane Clemons

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