Frank Gore on the Colts’ 2015 season: ‘Toughest season of my career’

Frank Gore was excited to sign with the Indianapolis Colts last offseason, but the 2015 season tamed some of his excitement. There was a lot of frustration from Gore following today’s win over the Tennessee Titans due to being eliminated from the playoff race. He made it very clear that he was not happy with the season and there should be concern from the Colts’ franchise following his comments.

Could that mean that Gore is frustrated with the Colts and unhappy with his current situation? Is there a problem that the Colts will have to face this coming offseason with their starting running back?

Gore ended the 2015 season with 260 carries for 967 yards and six touchdowns. He also caught 34 passes for 267 yards and a touchdown. Having Andrew Luck miss most of the season due to injury was a big reason that Gore couldn’t get things going, especially with the injuries that his backups suffered through.

Indianapolis will have to figure out a way to improve their offensive line and create more room for Gore next season.

At 32 years old, Gore is heading into the offseason knowing that he only has a few seasons left at the most. There is a chance that the Colts would consider trading him if that is what he wants, although that wouldn’t be in Gore’s best interests. Bringing in a new head coach and getting Luck back on-the-field will change a lot of the issues that the Colts had this year.

All of that being said, expect to hear plenty of news coming out of Indianapolis over the next few weeks as they look ahead to the offseason. It was an awful and embarrassing season for the Colts, but they cannot afford to dwell on it any longer.

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