University of Iowa Hawkeyes' visiting locker room.

The Iowa Hawkeyes hosted the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday at Kinnick Stadium.

That means the Wolverines are sequestered in the infamously pink visiting locker rooms in the bowels of the stadium. It’s an old-school tradition thinking the color will pacify the opposing team. And given some of the historic upsets that have occurred on the field over the years, maybe the Hawkeyes are onto something.

The locker rooms certainly annoyed Wolverine fans, if not their team.

Wolverine podcaster Jon Jansen was the first to post the observation on Twitter:

“Nauseating locker room,” Jansen said.

Wolverine fans were quick to dogpile on the display.

“Must be the nurses den from the hospital….” wrote Stephanie Henderson.

“This color is IN right now. Add some brushed gold hardware and those lockers are ready for Instagram,” Mark A. Dibble wrote.

“Painting their vis[i]tors’ locker room pink is one of those sexist, stupid and inhospitable things that should be an embarrassment to the University of Iowa Hawkeyes,” wrote another fan.

“Good. I’m glad they left it pink. Own it,” said Jeff Bannon.

One Ohio State fan, however, couldn’t help but notice the choice of music in the video:

“Nothing like pitbull to get juices flowing,” the Buckeye fan wrote.

As of this writing, the pink locker room did not have the intended effect on the Wolverine football team. Michigan leads Iowa, 10-0, late in the second quarter.

[Jon Jansen]

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