With the rising cost of air travel, you always want to think about ways to keep costs low. The first thing you can do is make sure you’re only packing the essentials. Things you absolutely need to take with you on a flight.

That’s exactly what one Australian man kept in mind when he recently checked a single can of beer while traveling from Melbourne to Perth via Qantas Airways.

In what sounds like the most Australian thing ever, “Dean” told News.com.au that he wanted to make sure his can of Emu Export lager made the journey with him. Whether he could or couldn’t bring it on the flight as a carry-on, the plan seems to have been one of completing a dare.

“My mate works at the airport and we hatched the plan as a laugh — I half didn’t expect it to come out the other end,” he said.

“But when it did it was sent out well in front of all the other luggage, so the baggage handlers obviously appreciated it.”

“A shoutout to the Perth baggage handlers — they sent the can out way before any of the other luggage,” Dean said. 

Sure enough, the lone can, wrapped in a baggage claim sticker, was making its way along the baggage carousel. A crowd had gathered to take photos of the comical sight.

“If it arrived at the other end and had been drunk I probably could have forgiven the baggage boys for not being able to resist the bush chook temptation,” he said.

“Sure enough there she was, alone on the carousel proudly making her way around. And there I was in my flanno and RMs to greet her. It was perfection.”

We double-checked, and that means he was standing there in his flannel shirt and boots, just in case it wasn’t clear.

Dean told the paper that he would have filed a lost-luggage report had the beer can not shown up. Because of course he would have. He also said that the beer would be “consumed eventually.” Obviously.

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