There was a time when brand-specific foodstuffs stayed in their lanes. A candy bar was a candy bar. A potato chip was a potato chip. A spread was a spread and that was that. You didn’t dare step over into someone else’s vertical.

Those days are long gone. Now, in the world of wacky flavors and reimagined food items, you have to bring your brand to as many types of ingestion possibilities as you can.

Thanks to a rise in popularity for Nutella, the soft spread market is one that a lot of brands are just starting to make waves in. One such brand would be Twix, so if you’ve ever dreamed of being able to spread Twix-flavors all over your bread, your prayers have been answered.

Head to Cost Plus World Market and you’ll be able to find Mars Twix Spread for five bucks. The seven-ounce jar contains a buttery spread made out of chocolate, caramel, crunchy biscuit, milk, sugar, flour, butter, and cocoa. Basically, everything that makes a Twix a Twix, just not in hand-held log form.

Sure you can spread it on toast but it also sounds like something that might be better served on top of a cupcake or dessert item. In fact, if it tastes as good as we think it does, there’s a decent chance that you might want to just scoop out some Twix spread over springing for a candy bar.

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