A Kelowna, B.C. car covered in poop.

There’s a crappy story coming out of Canada. In Kelowna, British Columbia last month, there were two reported cases of cars being struck by falling feces, suspected to be human and possibly from a valve malfunction on a plane flying overhead. National regulator Transport Canada is now investigating the cases of plummeting poop. Here’s the CTV Vancouver report:

The first case, on May 9, saw driver Susan Allen stopped at a traffic light with her sunroof open. She, her son, and her car were all covered in feces, as she told CTV:

“I started crying (and) I’m like: ‘I’m covered in poo,’” Allen told CTV Vancouver on Thursday.

“(The) car was just inundated with poop. It was just falling from the sky. You could feel the drops hitting you. When I looked up there was nothing above but a plane flying.”

A few days later, a man found a similar mess on a car parked in his driveway. Transport Canada is investigating, but told CTV they can’t offer further details at this time; however, the Kelowna International Airport told CTV they’ve narrowed the problem down to one of three planes in the area at the time. So the poop bomber may yet be brought to justice for their unfortunate payload delivery.

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