J.R. Smith during the Cavs' 2016 victory parade.

It’s been quite the month for Cleveland Cavaliers’ forward J.R. Smith (seen shirtless above during the team’s 2016 victory parade) and his social media accounts. After his team lost Game Three of the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors to fall behind 3-0, Smith’s Twitter account quickly tweeted, then deleted “Cavs in 7”; he later said he was hacked, but he liked what the hacker was thinking. On Wednesday, with all sorts of trade rumors heating up around the Cavs, Smith seems to have been hacked again. Here’s what was posted to his Facebook page:

That was quickly deleted, and Smith took to Twitter to say he didn’t post it and he’s staying with Cleveland:

Might want to change some of your passwords, J.R.

[Ben Axelrod on Twitter]

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