Trolling reviews of Ayesha Curry's restaurant.

The last year-plus has seen a major uptick in the Houston Rockets-Golden State Warriors rivalry, from Houston trading for Chris Paul to going on a massive winning streak to facing the Warriors in an incredible and seemingly-inevitable Western Conference Finals. And now, that rivalry has headed to a new and unexpected venue; the Yelp reviews for a soon-to-open Houston location of International Smoke, the Bay Area restaurant owned by Ayesha Curry (Steph’s wife). The page is now under Yelp maintenance to clean up trolling reviews, but as Clutch Points writer Tomer Azarly noticed Tuesday, there were some fun ones, starting with a wave of one-star reviews from Rockets’ fans:

If it had stopped there, that would have been one thing. But it did not stop there:

Yes, apparently a ton of people have the time to troll back and forth over a restaurant associated with a NBA player’s wife that isn’t even open yet. (Props to Martin C. for at least referencing Curry’s infamous tweet, though.) And amazingly, this isn’t even the first case of Yelp vandalism about a Warriors-associated restaurant. But this is up there with the “reviews” trying to convince moviegoers that Gotti isn’t awful, and makes us long for the halcyon days about arguing if the Warriors can just lock arms and form a ring to give Curry open shots. You know it’s the offseason when…

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