LeBron James

As former Georgia Bulldogs star running back Herschel Walker is putting the finishing touches on his Georgia Senate campaign in a contentious and tight race against incumbent Raphael Warnock, it looks like another star athlete is stepping out against the former Heisman Trophy winner as NBA superstar LeBron James publically supporting Warnock in the campaign.

On Monday evening, the day before Election Day in the United States, Warnock shared a message from LeBron James on his social media channels showing the basketball superstar giving his support and endorsement to Warnock and calling Georgia voters to cast their vote for Warnock.

“Georgia, what up? LeBron James here,” James shared in a video. “Obviously, tomorrow is election day and there’s only one choice when voting for senator, and that’s Raphael Warnock. So make sure you go to Warnock.com to find your polling location. God bless.”

James is certainly not the only high-profile figure to weigh in on the tight race. Individuals from all across the wide sports and media world have chimed in about Herschel Walker‘s fitness for political office – James is just the latest.

As it stands, the race is either a dead heat or Walker has a slight lead despite his many lies and controversies.

[Raphael Warnock]