After exchanging barbs with each other, the tension between Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban has cooled

If you think the feud between Texas A&M and Alabama was over, think again. Reports are that the Aggies wanted the SEC to harshly punish Alabama head coach Nick Saban by either fining him or suspending him for a few games.

As some may recall, Saban accused A&M of buying their players, which didn’t sit well with head coach Jimbo Fisher. Fisher would hold a press conference the next day, not only blasting the comments but Saban as well.

According to Fisher, all of that is now water under the bridge. But also…clearly it isn’t.

“We’re done talking about it,” Fisher said a few weeks back. “We’re moving on to the future. We have a lot more pressing needs than our arguments.”

The conference did publicly reprimand both coaches. But according to reports, A&M officials sent an email that wanted the SEC to do more to Nick Saban.

“Coach Saban’s statement is false, beneath the dignity of the SEC, and corrosive to the fabric of sportsmanship in college football as a whole and especially within the SEC,” read an e-mail sent to the league’s head office. “We expect the league to take strong, public action against Coach Saban and the University of Alabama to demonstrate that such unprofessionalism and disrespect for Texas A&M’s student-athletes, coaches, and the university as a whole, will not be tolerated. A public apology from Coach Saban to Coach Fisher, Aggie Football, and Texas A&M University is a good starting point, but the league should also consider monetary and participation penalties against Coach Saban.”

The news led to a lot of reactions from the college football world.

Meanwhile, the SEC seems to consider the matter dead, at least until the two schools play one another this season.


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