Baker Mayfield

When the Los Angeles Rams claimed Baker Mayfield off of waivers Tuesday, some NFL observers speculated it would be impossible he could play for the team just two days later.

But as the Rams prepared to host the Las Vegas Raiders on Thursday Night Football, Mayfield rumors and news went into overdrive on Twitter. He’s active. He’s taking first-team snaps. He’s even starting!

The Rams fanned the flames of speculation by keeping their decision on who would start such a secret, even the TNF broadcast crew did not know until minutes before kickoff.

This was the greatest mystery since the series finale of “Lost.” Just as disappointing, too, as the truth about Mayfield turned out to be less than the wildest rumors had predicted. Mayfield is active, but did not start the game. John Wolford got the start, but Mayfield is expected to play, according to Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit on Amazon Prime‘s broadcast.

All the rumors just go to show that, despite looking bad this season with the Carolina Panthers, Mayfield retains a weird aura.

NFL fans on Twitter were abuzz about Mayfield.

“Bro I cannot believe in 2022 a year removed from a Super Bowl. I am on Twitter demanding the Rams play Baker Mayfield,” tweeted one fan.


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