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Fireworks went off in North Texas on Thanksgiving. With the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants locked into a battle in Dallas’ signature Thanksgiving game, tensions are high. And when officials wiped an early touchdown from the Giants off the board because of a penalty, things got intense. In particular, Giants head coach Brian Daboll wasn’t a fan of the call.

Daboll plainly made his thoughts clear on the call to a nearby official on the sidelines after the touchdown against the Cowboys was wiped away. The Giants’ head coach reacted to the call with a visible outburst on the sidelines.

You don’t have to be an expert lip reader to guess how he felt. In his defense, sideline outbursts are practically common theater in the NFL. They go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The NFL world was quick to react to Daboll and his sideline outburst on Thanksgiving.

Michael Hurley of WBZ in Boston praised Daboll. He tweeted, “I love Brian Daboll. I don’t care if he’s wrong. That man will fight a referee if you let him. That man’s base temperature is 600 degrees.”

Others had similar and funnier reactions to the coach’s sideline antics on Thanksgiving.

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