It was announced on Tuesday that Jason Garrett will be broadcasting USFL games when the league season gets underway.

One of Garrett’s issues as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys and later offensive coordinator of the New York Giants was that he could be plain and predictable. Despite that, he’s not someone who inspires a lot of neutral, bland opinions. When Garrett’s name is out there, football fans generally care.

With that in mind, what do football fans think of Garrett being one of the analysts for the USFL’s restart? The reactions had a theme.

The reality is that it’s hard to predict how Garrett will do in this role. He’s never really worked in sports media before. As soon as Garrett’s NFL playing career ended, he went into coaching.

Personality-wise, he doesn’t feel like the kind of guy who’d be a big hit. John Madden, for example, had a big personality as a coach. So, when he became an announcer, it wasn’t surprising to see him eventually become arguably the best ever at that role.

But there are exceptions. And Garrett has enough name recognition that we can understand NBC making him their guy.

But here’s the important issue. When he’s being spoken to now, how will he want to be addressed? Coach Garrett? Analyst Garrett? These are the important questions that we’re going to need answered shortly.

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