Malik Willis Dec 18, 2022; Inglewood, California, USA; Tennessee Titans quarterback Malik Willis (7) is all smiles during pregame warmups before an NFL game against the Los Angeles Chargers at SoFi Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

As the Dallas Cowboys put away the Tennessee Titans Thursday night, winning 27-13, an unexpected argument erupted on Twitter.

Titans rookie quarterback, Malik Willis, began trending on Twitter. That seemed strange — given he didn’t even play against Dallas.

Joshua Dobbs got the start at QB for the Titans, and he played OK, passing for 232 yards and a touchdown. His numbers looked better than Willis’ stats from his three starts this season.

With regular starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill placed on IR Thursday after ankle surgery, likely ending his season, Titans head coach Mike Vrabel must choose between Willis and Dobbs. The Titans play a must-win game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in their season finale. The winner wins the AFC South and a playoff spot.

While Dobbs, signed early last week, looked better than Willis has this season, the rookie quarterback had some surprisingly ardent defenders on Twitter Thursday night, saying he deserves another chance. That sparked some strong clapback from fans who say Dobbs is clearly the better choice.

Frankly, the Dobbs-Willis Twitter debate might have been more interesting than the game itself.

Sam Phalen tweeted, “Dobbs is the better QB but the Josh Dobbs offense looks like what the Malik Willis offense *should* have looked like. Where has this play design been?”

Sal from Jersey tweeted, “Lemme get this out now … this is a WILDLY different offensive scheme than Malik Willis had They are treating Dobbs like a QB, not a wildcat RB. And I don’t wanna hear about what you know about Malik Willis We know nothing #Titans.”

“I’m absolutely in love with the idea that the OC that can barely tie his shoes has concocted a diabolical secondary playbook just for Josh Dobbs,” tweeted Robert Greenlaw. “Obviously it’s in his best interest to have the 3rd round pick fail and have the random guy off the street have some success.”

Doc Rock tweeted, “This Malik Willis disrespect is pissing me off. Put him out there. He has a cannon, even if he struggles, can’t get much worse than Dobbs, and Willis hasn’t had a chance in the NFL without Derrick Henry in there taking all the snaps.. give him a damn shot

“Honestly what Josh Dobbs is doing is what Malik can do but better when he’s ready. Malik just needs more time and get use to the speed of the game,” tweeted Boyd Young.

“Josh Dobbs did more than Malik Willis in one half. He’s bought himself another year or two in the league,” tweeted Eric Cain.

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