Kirk Cousins signing an autograph for a young fan at a team Halloween event. Kirk Cousins signing an autograph for a young fan at a team Halloween event. (@dtpkll on Twitter.)

With Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Kirk Cousins suffering a season-ending torn Achilles tendon Sunday, few would have expected Cousins to show up to the team’s kids club Halloween party Monday. But he did just that, and he made some young fans’ nights:

This drew a lot of praise on Twitter, with some of that even coming from fans of other teams. Here’s some of that:

It is cool to see Cousins doing that so soon after a season-ending injury. And it’s perhaps more interesting still to see that after a lot of speculation that he might not even be with the Vikings at this point. With Minnesota starting the season 1-4, there was quite a bit of talk that Cousins might be traded, perhaps especially to the New York Jets.

But Cousins declined to talk much about that possibility. And ESPN’s Adam Schefter eventually reported two weeks ago that Cousins would not look to waive his no-trade clause “short of changing unforeseen circumstances.” And the Vikings did get themselves back on track, and they’re now 4-4 following Sunday’s 24-10 over the Green Bay Packers. And Cousins himself received a strong “top-10 quarterback” endorsement from ESPN’s Troy Aikman last week.

Cousins’ injury means he won’t play again this year. But he is under contract with the Vikings for 2024 and 2025, and there are plenty of fans there who appreciate what he brings to the team on and off the field. And this move Monday night certainly won him some more fans, even from other teams.

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