Marshawn Lynch with the "Beastmode by Beast" Blender. Marshawn Lynch with the “Beastmode by Beast” Blender. (Beast Health.)

Marshawn Lynch is most famous for his college and NFL career, which has now translated into broadcast work for Amazon, but he’s always been active in endorsements and entrepreneurial moves as well. While still playing with the Seattle Seahawks, Lynch started doing ads for Skittles (which he’d long talked up). And then while with the (then-Oakland) Raiders, Lynch bought his favorite soul food restaurant in Oakland to keep it open.

Lynch has struck endorsement deals with Subway and other companies as well, and he’s invested in the Oakland Roots soccer team, the NHL’s Seattle Kraken, a cannabis company, a hologram company, and more. And now, he’s teamed up with Beast Health (fitting, given Lynch’s long-used “Beast Mode” nickname) for a special “Beastmode by Beast” edition of their Beast Blender.

That company, founded by former Nutribullet CEO Colin Sapire, has won plaudits for their blender already, and they’ve now made an even more powerful version of it in partnership with Lynch. The new version features a 1200-watt motor rather than the Beast Blender’s 1000-watt motor, plus a stainless steel hydration bottle designed to keep blends cold all day and enhanced single-button operation for either quick pulses or a minute-long blending cycle.

In a release, Sapire said “It’s an honor to team up with an athlete and icon like Marshawn to develop Beastmode® by Beast® – the single most effective kitchen tool to step up your nutrition game, fuel your life, and help you become a Beast. Since the debut of our widely-praised Beast® Blender in 2021, we’ve launched a revolution in personal blending through artful design and high-performance technology. Together with Marshawn, we’re helping even more people get Strong Inside and go Beastmode.” But the best part of that release comes from Lynch’s quotes:

  • “Enjoy the baddest blender on the planet.”
  • “Take care of yo’ bodies.”
  • “Make mine BLENDED blended.”
  • “Your nutrients are calling.”
  • “Wake yo’ *** up and get to blending!”
  • “Can’t be a beast if you’re not getting the right nourishment. The Beastmode Blender is hella powerful and makes smoothies with quickness, so no more excuses on not having enough time to eat right, drink right, and get right.”

Those quotes fit with Lynch’s trend of having some fun with his endorsements and investments, including doing donuts with the Kraken’s Zamboni (a nice callback to his famed cart ride at Cal) and diving into an end zone of Skittles on Conan. Lynch has become quite the actor and analyst as well, so it’s not a surprise that he can come up with some good marketing copy. But those are still fun slogans. For those who want to enjoy the baddest blender on the planet, it’s currently priced at $193.

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