Bill Belichick Patriots press conference

Long-time New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has been known to be a bit abrasive when addressing the media, and that was on full display during a press conference on Wednesday.

He was asked about the Patriots’ quarterback situation on Wednesday during the press conference. To nobody’s surprise, he did not reveal anything about who he will choose to be the team’s starting quarterback moving forward.

Belichick was asked a number of specific questions, including whether he will keep his “quarterback rotation” and who he will ultimately choose. He answered both of those questions by saying “We will see how it goes today”.

He said the same statement five times throughout the interview to answer every question, leading many to laugh at his sheer stubbornness not to name a starting quarterback.

When asked about whether he would say who the team’s starting quarterback is tomorrow after the Patriots “see how it goes today” he surprisingly said “maybe”.

This is yet another reminder that nobody in the NFL is as cold to the media as Bill Belichick.

Ultimately he will have to make some sort of a decision, whether that be days before the Patriots’ game on Sunday against the New York Jets or hours before.

Second-year quarterback Mac Jones started for the Patriots in their last game against the Chicago Bears but was ultimately benched in favor of rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe.

There appear to be some pretty serious locker-room issues in New England following this decision, and playing more games about his decision certainly isn’t going to help things.

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