Terrell Owens

Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Owens hasn’t played in the NFL since 2010 but the 49-year-old recently reached out to the San Francisco 49ers to let them know that if they need help getting quarterback Brock Purdy up to speed, he’s ready to help.

The 49ers certainly aren’t hurting in the position player department but their quarterback situation is in shambles. While they’re still in line to make the playoffs, they’re going to need some luck and perhaps a little extra help. That’s where Owens thinks he can come in and he’s already apparently let the team know.

Owens said on “The Morning Roast” that he’s spoken with the 49ers and said he’s open to a return if they want to put his experience to the test.

“Oh yeah, absolutely,” Owens said when asked if he’d enjoy playing for Kyle Shanahan. “Hey look, man, I’ve already kind of sprinkled some words out there. Like yo, if you guys need a receiver, I’m good. Listen here: third down, red zone, trust me. I’m a very valuable asset.

“I’ve been training … I’m already ready, I’ve already reached out to Jed York, I’ve already told him ‘Yo, if you need somebody, I’m definitely a viable (option).”

Later on, Owens circled back to his offer.

“Y’all still let those Niners know, man,” Owens said. “I’m ready, man. All I want is an opportunity, man. That’s all I ever wanted.”

Owens played for the Niners between 1996 and 2003.

The controversial wide receiver made waves in 2015 when he attempted an NFL comeback that went nowhere. He worked out for a CFL team in 2018 but that didn’t lead to anything. He played a little bit in the Fan Controlled Football League this year and was also recently seen running a shockingly fast 40-yard dash. So who knows if he could still go, though it seems incredibly unlikely that San Francisco would feel the need to sign him.


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