Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens shocked football fans around the world when he announced last week that he was coming out of retirement to play in the Fan Controlled Football League.

The league’s format is 7-0n-7 football and only 50-yard fields, something that is far less grueling than the NFL — which is likely why Owens decided to return to play.

Owens spoke with TMZ on Friday, where he urged former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to join the league to aid his potential return to the NFL next season.

“I feel like he could come in and use this to really sharpen his skill set,” Owens told TMZ Sports. “Especially because there’s some questions about him not playing for such a long time.”

Kaepernick has remained adamant that he is fully focused on a return to the NFL, throwing in several high-profile workouts including with Seattle Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett, as well as during halftime of Michigan’s spring game.

Much like past years, it appears that NFL teams are not rushing to bring him in, with the Seahawks really being the only team that has stated they have an interest in him.

It remains to be seen whether Kaepernick has any real interest in taking Owens up on his statement, but it could be another great way for him to get his name out there and allow NFL teams to see how he can play at game speed.


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