Hershel Walker

Former Georgia Bulldogs star running back Herschel Walker is now in politics and is attempting to become a senator this election season, running against incumbent Raphael Warnock for Georgia’s senate seat in a very close race. On Friday, the two engaged in their only debate of the year and one shocking action from Walker is causing quite a stir.

During the debate, Warnock took a jab at Walker’s controversial past, saying “I’ve never pretended to be a police officer,” in reference to the several times Walker has falsely claimed to be a police officer in the past. Walker’s response to Warnock’s jab was nothing short of shocking.

Following Warnock’s comments, Walker responded by pulling out what appears to be a fake police badge, saying “I am work with many police officers.”

According to Brian Tyler Cohen, Walker’s badge was an “honorary deputy badge” – not a real police badge.

After Walker pulled out the badge, the moderator repeatedly told him to put it away as it was breaking the debate’s rules banning candidates from bringing and utilizing props during the debate. Walker argued with her before putting it back in his pocket eventually.

It was a shocking moment, and the sports world was quick to react to it on Friday night.



Walker has been the subject of all sorts of controversy over the past several months when reports surfaced that he financed a woman’s abortion in 2009 despite running on a Pro Life platform. He was also blasted by his son for the recent controversy, and according to his own campaign, is a pathological liar.

In the past, he’s claimed that Trump never said the 2020 election was stolen, claimed that America’s biggest problem right now is celebrities, seems to think that there are 51 states, and has a strange vendetta against trees.

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